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Fraud Prevention

Catalyst’s front end security provides your business the protection your online business requires. We monitor rule based performance metrics and make adjustments so that you can spot fraud at early stages. Catalyst customizes rules based filters based on your unique profile. We can configure over 200 possible combinations of rules and hundreds of additional parameters.

Chargeback Representation

We help you settle disputes successfully to keep your brand protected. By using data-rich information based on reports, users, card networks and our in-depth industry knowledge, we assist you with preparing a successful case that will give you the edge when disputing a chargeback.

Business Intelligence Portal

The Catalyst BIP (Business Intelligence Portal) allows convenient access
to valuable reporting and transaction management tools.

  • View all transaction history
  • Process payment reversal or refunds
  • Use advance reporting to drive business decisions
  • Manually process payments using the Virtual Terminal
    from any location

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We Understand Your Evolving Banking Needs

Catalyst remittance solutions are a superior alternative to traditional banking.

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