Payment Gateway

  • PCI DSS L1
  • Easy
  • 3D
  • Tokenization

Security & Uptime

The Catalyst gateway solution is directly comparable to the most robust and widely used processing systems across the globe. Our L1 PCI DSS compliant gateway features an omni-channel payment processing solution, integrated anti-fraud checks, advanced business intelligence tools and is certified with 99.99% uptime.

Easy Integration

We will work with your developers to ensure a simple integration. Our platform is built upon an open API architecture which we have combined with an extensive global network of payment partners to provide your business a simple to use, secure, global payment system.

3D Secure

The Gateway Services support 3D Secure processing in line with the PSD2 requirements to reduce the fraud and chargeback risk in card-not-present environment.


It is paramount that you protect your online business from fraud. Tokenization shields users from hackers, security breaches, and other threats by replacing sensitive data like card numbers with a token.